Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 2008

Hello ! It sure has been awhile since I last talked to you. I will update you with what's been goin' on here in my lil part of the world.

My wonderful hubby and I spent Christmas 2007 as usual by going to his dad and mom's houses for Christmas eve. We have to travel about 3 hours north of here to see them and the rest of the family. While we were at his mom's, someone backed into our car! =( Noone "knew" who did it or what had happened. This made hubby quite angry. We had to call the police and report it, etc. When we got estimates, the damage came to the tune of $1600! Of course we have a $500 deductible that we're probably going to have to pay----all because NOONE KNEW who did it.

We spent Christmas day with my mom and brother. We had a blast ! We played games and had some wine. Of course we ate TONS of food---mom had made veggie pizza, ham, hash brown casserole, broccoli/cauliflower salad, dips, dressing, hickory nut cake, icebox cookies.......YUM!

We stayed up until 4am opening some presents and talking.....

The day after Christmas we did the shopping thing as usual, stocking up on wrapping paper, boxes, bags, cards, etc. Yes, I bought my cards but they look like background paper so I plan on altering them for next year.

The rest of our week off we worked on our kitchen. We are remodeling, and unfortunately we had to start with the kitchen. When we bought the house, we tore out the few cabinets they did have. Then our air conditioning unit went out. SO, we spent our hard earned dollars on that instead of putting it towards our kitchen cabinets. Needless to say we haven't been doing much cooking since we moved in.

BUT, I have attached some pics of what it looks like as of now. It is coming along nicely. We have put in new drywall, painted the walls and ceiling and have almost all the upper cabinets installed....BY OURSELVES! We are quite proud since this is the first remodeling of any kind that we have done. =)

That will bring you to this weekend, where we are planning on working some more in the kitchen. I'll keep you posted!

Wishing you inspiration,