Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello Again !

I am baaaaaaack ! I have been inspired by various other blogs to get back in the swing and post cool stuff on mine ! As you can see at the top I have added to my title.....Teaching An Old Blog New Tricks.....meaning, I will be posting ideas, pictures of the beauty around me and challenges to help you become aware of the "new tricks" that surround us.

If I can get this computer to work right, I will be adding Mr. Linky so you can add your ideas here!

This should be fun but it may take me a bit to get it together and get it started.

Please hang in there with me !

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yard Sales

Yesterday we got up early to head to a town-wide yard sale. When we got there we saw some people standing in the road handing out something. Maps to (most of) the yard sales in town! How nice that was! DH made a game of it, as he does with most stuff, and wheeled us around to view the goodies everyone was selling. I am not into baby stuff right now, so if it looked mostly pink or blue we passed it by. We stopped at an interesting looking sale-lots of ephemera. As I looked through the tons of linens, sewing items and dishes, I found two small snowflake-looking pieces of tatting. If you know handiworks at all, you know tatting is made with thin cotton thread expertly tied with thousands of little knots that somewhat resemble crochet. It is a form of lace that for some reason really strikes a nostalgic chord in my heart. I am not a tatter nor an expert crocheter, although I like to piddle with making basic stuff now and then. I can appreciate the time and effort it took to make those beautiful pieces. And at 10 cents apiece, who could pass THAT up????
I also spied two wooden cheese boxes full of pens and pencils, erasers and shoestrings. They marked them $1 each. I scooped those up too. I also have a weakness for old wooden things. Today I sorted through the boxes and found a plastic coin that was interesting. On one side it says: 100% less accidents with 2-B SHUR BIRTH CONTROL "PILL". On the back side it says: Use externally only. When romantic situations get beyond control, place 2-B SHUR under left knee and hold firmly in place with right knee. Caution: Excessive use can cause callouses on right knee cap.
What a HOOT !
I also found a type of fountain pen that has a reservoir tube inside the barrel of the pen. I am going to see if I can find a replacement so I can USE it ! HOW FUN!

The rest of the sales were not as interesting, but a fun day we had.