Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Stamp Room, Part 2

DH and I have been working on my stamp room this weekend. Friday we hung the cabinets, given to us by DH's mom (THANKS NANCY !!!). She remodeled their store and gave us the used cabinets--which look almost like our kitchen cabinets!
I love how they look on my Old Olive walls!
Saturday I loaded the room (with most of my stuff) and today I'm still working on organizing it. It's hard to decide where you want everything. I tried to think of the things I use alot and put them close at hand. I still want to hang my ink pads and punches so they're not taking up space on the counter. I want to reorganize my papers to vertical storage but I haven't found the right containers yet. So for now, the 12X12's are still in pizza boxes and the 8 1/2X11's are in paper trays. I want to spray paint my ink pad holder (wooden casette tape holder) and my ribbon and other jar lids white so they all match my other containers. I also want to velcro a white curtain to my lower corner cabinet. It had a wonky door so we just took it off. The toe kicks will be covered (the cabinets had slight water damage due to an overflowing dishwasher!). HMMM....what else.....Oh, I'm going to hang a shelf so my ribbon jars will be off of the counter and lookin' pretty all lined up. I will also reorganize my scrap paper storage so their in hanging folders in my plastic drawer/organizer thingy.
How do you organize your individual stamps? I have my SU stamps in the plastic cases in a cabinet, but I don't know how I want to do the individuals......
Thanks for looking and if you have any ideas for me, please let me know !

Wishing you Inspiration,

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