Sunday, September 9, 2007

SU Louisville Regional !!

OH MY GOODNESS !! I had so much fun at regionals with my friends Judy and Becky ! We laughed and talked and shared ideas. We arrived in Louisville and found the Archiver's. Who knew it would be IN Oxmoor Mall????????? Heeheee It was Becky's first time in an Archiver's and I think she liked it. I would bet it won't be her last. (I think she secretly wanted a pic of herself in front of the store, but declined when I asked if I could take her pic.) Judy and I were old pro's so we knew what we were in for. Gotta love Archiver's !

When we got to the convention center on Saturday we swapped our card fronts like crazy. Most of the ladies had swaps made to share. I heard there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 500+ gals there. I made 60 swaps and got them all swapped before the doors opened for us to go in and get our seats. If I knew it would be that much fun to swap, I definitely would have made more! We sat with some great gals and had lots of fun with them. (HI Ashley, Erica, Janet and Melanye!!!)

SU had TONS of ideas for us to see (and do). We made a 12X12 scrapbook page, a 6X6 scrapbook page, 3 "different opening" cards and one "regular opening" card.

The buzz word they kept using was GINORMOUS, pronounced ji-normous. I guess it's a cross between gigantic and enormous. It was funny to hear them say it throughout their demonstrations. My favorite "celeb" was Jaron. He made some VERY cute cards and decorations. I especially liked his Liberace Santa with all the Dazzling Diamonds. Ü I took lots of notes and made lots of sketches in the notebook that was in our pack. We also got a free stamp set (So Much), a lanyard for our nametags, an SU pen and the make-n-takes.

Would you believe I have a list of supplies I NEED now? LOL

I think I got my money's worth from it. I don't know that I will go to another one if it is near and/or I'm still a demo, but this was was definitely FUN and INSPIRING !!!!!

The group pic is from left to right starting in the front row: Becky, me (with my "see into the future glasses"), Janet....second row: Judy, Ashley, Erica and Melanye. The pic with the 3 gals are Judy, Becky and I.


Ashley Bowen said...

Hey Lady! :o) I had so much fun with you all too!!! :o) No making fun of my accent! LOL!!!! Have a great day! Hugs! Ash~

Erica Payne said...

First, to answer your question, my hair in the bach has the same layers as the rest of it.I am lovin' it! I had a great time at regionals too. Jaron was my fav! He was too funny! Love Archivers. Ash took me for the first time, and I didn't have enogh time to take it all in. Good thing..I'd have spent a fortune!