Friday, May 23, 2008

Inspiration Idea #1

For my some of the challenges, I may chose not to put limits on the choices. I will choose a picture that catches my eye and present it to you. It's your turn to make your own choices of how you want to interperet the picture to create your artwork. For example, if you see a shape say, on a wall in the picture and you want to make a card with just those shapes, GO FOR IT! If you like the color combinations in the picture, feel free to use those colors.

Other challenges I may have stipulations on. I may choose the embellishments you can or cannot use, colors you are to use or maybe which kind of fold to use on your card.

Now, on to my Inspiration Idea #1 !!

For my first Inspiration Idea, I want you to make a card using the colors RED, WHITE and BLUE in honor of Memorial Day here in America. Feel free to use any designs, style, shades of these three colors, etc. that inspire YOU to grab your supplies and create your unique work of art!

Please show your artwork by adding the webpage link in the comments in this post . A photo of your card can be on a blog or in an online gallery.

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SueB said...

I LOVE playing with challenges and made this red, white and blue card this weekend: